Car Park Markings

The maintenance of a clearly defined car park is essential, both in keeping vehicles delineated and pedestrians safe from traffic. An aesthetic appeal to your car park can also be alluring to prospective customers. We can help you achieve this through the correct planning, workmanship and colour scheme for your car park.

Our thermoplastic markings are abrasion resistant, long lasting and highly reflective. Thermoplastic materials are also quick drying and can be trafficked within minutes resulting in minimal disruption to vehicles and pedestrians alike. All our lorries are fitted with line removal equipment for any changes needed to existing markings and also carry essential traffic management signs and cones for optimum on site safety.

Our team can offer invaluable expertise in determining what application is most suited to your car park’s surface and parking requirements.

  • Parking Bays
  • Lorry Bays
  • Disabled Bays
  • Mother and Toddler Bays
  • Pedestrian Walkways
  • Letters
  • Symbols
  • Surface painting- Adding colour to your car park surface can not only make it look great, but can highlight pedestrian walkways and disabled/mother & child parking bays for extra safety purposes
  • Parking and Corner Restrictions
  • Junctions
  • Arrows
  • Zebra Crossings
  • Skid resistant walkways and bays- View Anti Skid Surfacing
  • Line Removal
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Whatever your marking requirements, we’d love to talk about them!
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