Road Stud Installations

Whether it’s a small car park that requires reflective studs for increased visibility or an entire stretch of motorway, Northern Road Markings can cater to any specification. Apart from installing cats eyes, we also have the equipment necessary for their removal.

Our range of reflecting road studs and cat’s eyes are ideal for increasing visibility on the road both at night and during low visibility weather conditions. Cat’s eyes also help by indicating direction and increasing safety when used indoors such as under cover and underground car parks.

The cats eyes we install are available in various colours in order to meet the requirements of UK road traffic legislation and to give drivers specific traffic alerts such as indicating junctions, marking the edge of hard shoulders and lane markings. They also provide an audible warning for wandering drivers and are highly durable to heavy use, even against snow ploughs.

  • Traditional Halifax type cast steel-based cat’s eyes studs mounted on reflective mounted inserts based on the original 1932 model invented by Percy Shaw.
  • Solar powered road studs, both traditional and red coloured.
  • Maintenance-free, state-of-the-art dome glass style cat’s eyes studs.
    100mm by 100mm studs in both stainless steel and aluminium.
    Various types of crossing stud and studs for creating a rumble effect.
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